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How To Easily Ferment Vegetables

Growing up in Canada, my mother used to pickle all kinds of vegetables and they were always delicious.   I was inspired to experiment by Sandor Katz’s book:  Wild Fermentation. Buying organic fermented vegetables can be  expensive and limited in variety. 

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How To Buy Cheap Discounted Airline Travel Tickets

There are several basic rules that travelers follow in order to get the cheapest and discounted airline ticket. But first we have to dispel the myth that tickets are cheapest during Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. A recent study confirms that

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How To Make Biscotti the Easy Simple Frugal Way

This recipe is extremely economical considering how much biscotti costs in stores.   You can make 2 dozen with about the cost of one biscotti. This is an inspiration from the Not Your Bubbe’s Biscotti in The Frugal Foodie Cook Book. 

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How To Sprout Beans and Seeds

In today’s economy, it pays to live with lots of creativity, zest and a little bit of money. I will write 30 ideas on how to have fun, engage friends and family, while living a fun and abundant life. How

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How To Quickly Find Daily Deals from Dozens of Deal Sites

Would you like to have a way to quickly search dozens of sites each day for daily deals? Searching for daily using Google search or visiting individual sites is a tedious process and often leads to dead ends. Here is

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How to Keep a Razor Sharp

There’s a bunch of quick and easy ways to keep those expensive razors sharp for an extended period of time. Here’s a comprehensive list I found of all the ones I know. I decided to link the easiest in a

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