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How To Buy Cheap Discounted Airline Travel Tickets

There are several basic rules that travelers follow in order to get the cheapest and discounted airline ticket. But first we have to dispel the myth that tickets are cheapest during Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. A recent study confirms that the cheapest days to purchase airline tickets are Saturday and Sunday.

For airline routes that have a mix of business and leisure travelers the savings is about 7% when compared to other days of the week. For routes that are primarily leisure oriented, the savings is about 2%.  So upshot is that you you will probably get the best prices on weekends.

Next you have to consider whether you want to use reward miles or purchase using cash. Reward miles Continue reading

How To Quickly Find Daily Deals from Dozens of Deal Sites

Would you like to have a way to quickly search dozens of sites each day for daily deals?

Searching for daily using Google search or visiting individual sites is a tedious process and often leads to dead ends. Here is a technique that you can use to create your own best deal aggregator by utilizing the RSS feeds of multiple sites daily hot deals and best deals.

There are several sites that aggregate all types of coupon and discount deals, but even so, it can be tedious searching these individual sites for the best available deal. Some of the more popular ones are Fat Wallet and Slick deals which have thousands of users posting daily deals each day.

With Google Reader you can aggregate the RSS feeds of multiple daily deal sites, into one single feed, and then use the Google Reader search capability to quickly search all of the deals, coupons, and discounts that will be aggregated into your own personal Google Reader deal site. Continue reading

How To Reserve Cheap Discount Unnamed Hotwire Hotels is a great resource for locating anreserving a cheap hotel but in order to take advantage of the cheapest Hot Rates,  you have to choose unnamed hotels and make hotel reservation in the blind without knowing which hotel you are actually going to be staying at. This can be a big risk.

Since Hotwire Hot Rates reservations are non-refundable, so if you arrive at the hotel and dislike it, there is no way to check out and terminate your reservation. You are stuck. The ratings provided on Hotwire are helpful to a certain extent but the ratings are often skewed and therefore not reliable. You really don’t know why certain hotels are being rated highly or negatively or how reliable the ratings may be.

Here is one trick you can use to identify the hotel Continue reading

How to Negotiate the Price and Buy Your New Car

Buying a new car is much easier nowadays since it is easy to obtain competitive quotes via the Internet. Here are steps you can take to get the best possible price on your next new car purchase:

  1. The best time to purchase a car is usually towards the end of the month and the end of the year. This is the time when dealers have the most incentive to make deals in order to reach their monthly sales bonus quotas. But since this is common knowledge, it is also the time when the dealers are busiest and when inventory may be lowest. You may have to wait for your car when inventories are low. However, if it is a slow season and inventories are high, dealers may have incentive to move the cars off their lots and you can still make a great deal.
  2. Visit and search the inventory of the car(s) you are interested in and  review the cost of the car you want to purchase together with any features you want to add. It is important to get an exact and complete feature description and specification of the car you wish to purchase. You want to make sure you will be getting a precise quote on the exact car you want to purchse.
  3. While you are at Edmunds, you should also review any recent incentives or rebates that the dealer or you may be getting to from the manufacturer. Incentives increase the profit to the dealer and gives you more bargaining room if you know about these incentives.
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