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How To Test Your Internet Speed

Internet seem slow these days? You swear Youtube buffers constantly? Scared that the internet you pay for isn’t as fast as advertised? Good news, checking the speed of your internet is not only ridiculously easy these days – but also completely free! Most service providers have their own speed tests (Verizon, Comcast, etc) however, I… Read More »

How To Fine Tune Your Google Search and Avoid Ads

There are many ways to fine tune your Google search so that you find the information you are looking for in the top results and avoid all of the meaningless advertisements. Keywords: With Google, it is most important to understand the keywords that are going to zone in on the information you are looking for.… Read More »

How to Stop WordPress Spam with the Best Free Security Plugins – Part II

In Part I of this blog we discussed the basic foundation for a secure WordPress blog. Now, we will continue by discussing individual WordPress plugins that you can use to further secure your blog from spam attacks, viruses, trojans, and other malware. Before continuing, remember to backup your WordPress database before installing any plugins. There are… Read More »