How to cook a steak

By | March 5, 2013

I don’t know what it is about Gordon Ramsay cooking videos – but I love them. They’re short, simple, and¬†deceivingly¬†effective. I remember the first time I cooked a steak properly, and it was immediately after watching this video. A couple things to take note of/common mistakes that I was making before I even knew they were mistakes:

  1. Flip. It. Once. I had no idea how much flavor I was losing my constantly turning my steak over and over to check to see if the color was right yet. Know how hot your pan is, and everything is going to go smoothly. In the same vein…
  2. Use that little trick he shows you with touching your hand to discern how well done the steak is. It works wonders not only in making sure you’re cooking your steak the right way, but also in confidence that you’re doing so – so you’ll feel comfortable only flipping it once!
  3. Lastly – I have to say the butter is optional… but it is delicious; and you’re eating steak! Might as well indulge!


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