How To Make Chocolate Cocoa Delights

By | March 28, 2013

Sweets are delightful to make and eat. Perhaps, it is a good entry way to making your own delicious and healthy food. This recipe is easy to make and once you get the hang of it, you can vary the ingredients to your favorites.

1 8oz pack Ghiradelli 100% cocoa chocolate bar from cooking section
1/2 c of coconut flakes
1/4 c of raisins or any thing of your choice such as dates, or more nuts
1/4 can of coconut milk fat – fat only not jus
3 tbsp or so of agave syrup, or any sweetner of your choice

1 pot about 1 gallon size
1 pot about 3/4 of that
1/2 gallon of water

wax paper, cookie sheet

1. Bring the water to boil in the big pot – keep it boiling
2. Put the small pot into the big pot.
3. Put the chocolate into the pot to melt.
4. Add in the nuts, raisins, coconut cream and agave.
5. Stir until all mixed up – it should be thick gluey mix like a thick batter.

6. Put wax papter on 2 1/2 cookie sheets, or one whole..whatever you have. You
can even just put wax paper on counter top.
7. Spoon the goody out to the nugget size that you like. Remember to cheat, and
enjoy the warm (but make sure it isn’t too hot) bubbly goody…
8.Leave it to dry over night. Mine are still soft and bitter..the way I like it..:-)


1. Substitute almonds and cashews for coconut.
2. You can purchase 60% cocoa and skip the agave.

Children: They can taste the gluey mix and help spoon out the chocolate. I do not recommend them near the double boiler.

Community: Definitely double the recipe and share the goodies. Makes great presents!

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