How To Make Instant Miso Soup

By | March 28, 2013

My instant miso soup is full of live enzymes, and as simple as boiling water. You can get very tasty packaged miso soup but they are much more expensive and I suspect that their enzymes have been killed during the processing.

Miso is fermented soy with rice, therefore it is complete protein. The fermentation makes it very digestible. The enzymes makes it really healthy, it is the Asian equivalent of mom’s chicken soup. There are 3 kinds of misos, the light, the medium and the dark. I recommend the medium, you can try the light version for a sweeter taste. I like Eden’s organic miso.

Nori, is the packages of seaweed you can buy in sheets, used in Sushi rolls. It is already edible.

It is important to let the boiling water cool for 5 minutes or so after you add the nori. This preserves the vitality of the live enzymes in the miso.

1. Boil water, tear up nori to bite size and put in boiling water. You can use about 2”by 4” and add or subtract as you continue to experiment.
2. Put a lit on the bowl, so the hot water ‘cooks’ the nori.
3. After about 5 minutes, you can stir in about 1 tbsp. of miso per cup. I like lots of miso soup, so I will make about 12 to 16 ounces ..that means 2 and a half tablespoonful.
4. Good enough to drink. Miss the fishy taste? Buy Thai style fish sauce and put in a drop or two. Add tofu, green onion, sliced mushrooms to taste.

Variation: If you like a richer taste, boil the water with a couple of shitake mushroom in it. Afterwards slice and add back to the soup.

Variation 2: make mung bean vegetable soup, and add miso instead of salt or soy sauce.

Children: Have them taste the miso discuss that it is alive! How live food is our life partner in nutrition! They can also make a easy miso sauce..mix equal parts of miso and water, add some mirin or sugar to taste. Great with apples.

Community: Just share the soup when someone comes over, or bring the ingredients when you visit.

Enjoy! Julie

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