How to Make Money Teaching Online Classes and Free College and University Certificates and Degrees

Have you been hungry for continuing education to stimulate your mind, to meet more people, or to increase your skills?
In the book The Future by Al Gore; he recommended free on-line education at the university level. They are and There are a wide range of fun, serious, and thought provoking classes. There are also business and professional skill development classes. The students are recruited from all around the world. The classes are structured with feedback and workshops. You receive a certificate upon completion.

There is also where you can get courses at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, you can offer courses there. If you teach there, students’ course fees are shared with Udemy.

The English Composition course at Duke University draws upon the global society for students and there are group workshops. It is quite interesting and we will have additional reports on this course in future blogs.

Let’s meet each other on online university classes.

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