How To Buy a Condo, Townhouse or Coop and Avoid Problems – Part I

Condo, coop, or townhouse ownership implies that you will be sharing all property, financial and legal responsibilities with other owners . This can pose a problem when there is a wide variety of homeowners in your association each of whom has their own distinctive ideas on how to allocate financial resources and set priorities. It also leaves open the possibility of nefarious arrangements developing over time between Board of Directors, contractors, and other owners.

Large condo associations can be the size of a small town with an associated multi-million dollar budget and reserves, and this may create many fiduciary issues. When shopping for a new condo, townhouse or coop, it is best to know ahead of time what you might be getting into and how to avoid some of the more difficult  problems associated with joint home ownership.

First, as you begin shopping for your new home, it is important to understand the distinction between these three forms of home ownership:
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How To Buy Cheap Discounted Airline Travel Tickets

There are several basic rules that travelers follow in order to get the cheapest and discounted airline ticket. But first we have to dispel the myth that tickets are cheapest during Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. A recent study confirms that the cheapest days to purchase airline tickets are Saturday and Sunday.

For airline routes that have a mix of business and leisure travelers the savings is about 7% when compared to other days of the week. For routes that are primarily leisure oriented, the savings is about 2%.  So upshot is that you you will probably get the best prices on weekends.

Next you have to consider whether you want to use reward miles or purchase using cash. Reward miles Continue reading

How To Make Biscotti the Easy Simple Frugal Way

This recipe is extremely economical considering how much biscotti costs in stores.   You can make 2 dozen with about the cost of one biscotti.

This is an inspiration from the Not Your Bubbe’s Biscotti in The Frugal Foodie Cook Book.  It is super easy.

1)  Beat the ingredients in a mixing bowl.

  •  2 Eggs
  • ¼ Cup             Turbinado Sugar or less
  • 2 Cups             Organic whole wheat flour
  • 1 Teaspoon      Baking soda
  • ¼ Cup              Almond flour

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How To Practice Qigong (Chi Kung) for Better Blood Circulation, More Energy, and Health

The Chinese practice of Qigong (sometimes written as Chi Kung) goes back thousands of years. The benefits of Qigong practice are enumerable, but fundamentally the breathing and slow, rhythmical movements are designed to increase your blood circulation, increase energy, and improve your overall health and feeling of well-being. It can be practiced by all ages since the movements are quite simple.

Here is the first part of a two part video which hopefully will inspire you to practice Qigogng.


  • Relaxed, rhythmic movements allow blood to more easily flow in your body. Blood is like oil that lubricates a car. It brings nourishment to all of the cells in your body and also removes toxins from your body, toxins that can create all types of illness.
  • Deep abdominal breathing, which is used in all ancient health practices such as Qigong and Yoga, oxygenates the body and provides the necessary breath to increase energy and store energy in your body. This would be analogous to getting a fresh new battery and generator for your car.
  • Qigong is designed to remove stress and tension from your body. Stress and tension impedes good blood flow and proper breathing and is the enemy of good health. Stress is probably the number one source of disease and ill health.
  • By increasing blood and energy, you increase the ability of your body to maintain its own health and to combat any illnesses or other health problems that might arise in your life.


  • Practice without tension in your body. Muscles should be relaxed but not spaghetti-like. Your shoulders should drop. You back should be relatively straight and sitting on your hops. You should feel like your body is like a balloon that has been filled with air. Continue reading

How To Sprout Beans and Seeds

In today’s economy, it pays to live with lots of creativity, zest and a little bit of money. I will write 30 ideas on how to have fun, engage friends and family, while living a fun and abundant life.

How to have organic sprouts at a tenth of the cost of stores: sprouts are a very healthy way to eat, and fun to ‘grow your own.”

Check this site for nutritional data.

Click this site out to find out how sprouts can boost your immune systems.

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How To Get Rid of Zits (Acne) With Healthy, Natural Chinese Dietary Principles

Youth is filled with crises and acne (zits) being one of the worse. Makeup and blemish cover-ups may hide the zits but it is still there and they can be quite uncomfortable. For thousands of years, Chinese health and dietary principles have been used  to manage, minimize, and control acne and maybe even get rid of them).

Simply put, from a Chinese health perspective, acne is the result of too much build up of heat in the body. Heat, from a Chinese health sense doesn’t necessarily equate to hot (though there is some similarity), but rather to an energetic heat that one feels. For example, a sore throat, an earache, hot feet or ears, are all signs of too much heat. The hot feeling of acne pimples on the skin are another sign of too much heat. The body is simply trying to purge itself of the heat and the pimples are the result of the body’s attempts to  purge through the skin.

Of course, when a person moves from childhood to adulthood, there are many changes in the body that create lots of internal heat. The objective of Chinese dietary health practices is to minimize the amount of excess heat that is being generated in the body. So here are some basic things you can do to reduce the problem of acne:

What Not To Do:

  • Avoid greasy, oily, fatty foods at all costs. Deep fried foods are the worst things you can eat. So McDonald’s french fries should be considered completely off limits.
  • Avoid sugars, especially cane sugar. Use substitutes such as agave, honey, maple syrup in very moderate amounts.
  • Avoid dairy which is phlegm (mucous) producing and clogs up your digestion system. Continue reading

How to Get Your Children to Behave in Public

Picture the scene:

You’re out doing your grocery shopping and your toddler throws an almighty tantrum. They lie on the floor, kicking, screaming and waling, while you helplessly hiss at them to stand up. You can feel the eyes of everyone in the shop bearing into you and almost hear their tutting and sighs.

When your child misbehaves in public in can be mortifying. You feel like a bad parent, like everyone in a 50 mile radius is judging you.

Of course, no one is. But getting a young child to behave in public is more than a little tricky for some parents. If you’ve been struggling to stop your little angles from becoming little devils, here are five top tips you can start using today:

1. Involve them

The fact of the matter is children hate going shopping. Going out and about is boring, and they would much rather be playing with their toys. When kids are bored, they will misbehave – mainly because they’re trying to get your attention. Continue reading