How to Hit a Fast Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Serve

Hitting a ping pong ball hard and fast is no different in table tennis (ping pong) than any other sport:

  1. Arms and body very relaxed.
  2. Shift all of the weight to the right foot (for a right handed person, opposite for a left handed person), as you begin to wind up your body (just like a golfer or a tennis player might).
  3. Keep the wrist very relaxed as you rotate your torso and let the wrist fall back naturally with the table tennis racket as it might if you are about to smack someone in the face.
  4.  Rhythmically (without hesitation), begin unwinding your body like a whip! The motion should begin with the hips turning quickly and the rest of the body follows. While everything is connected, it should feel more like a wave (whip) slinging through the ping pong ball. 
  5. Accelerate as you move through the ping pong ball and graze/hit the ball close to the underside with a concave motion. Don’t begin accelerating too soon or you will lose speed. Whip the table tennis racket through the ping pong ball with a very slight graze. If you are using a very sticky rubber, the ball will stick longer to the racket imparting greater spin. 
  6. Finish the stroke with all of your weight on your left foot (right for a left-handed player). 

Here is how is how it is done right!


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