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How To Fine Tune Your Google Search and Avoid Ads

There are many ways to fine tune your Google search so that you find the information you are looking for in the top results and avoid all of the meaningless advertisements.

Keywords: With Google, it is most important to understand the keywords that are going to zone in on the information you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for information about George Washington, the President, in is important to put the keyword President in the search. This will avoid all hits related to Washington State, Washington D.C. etc. If you are looking for biographical information then use the keyword biography or bio (Google will usually find equivalent forms of the word. Be as precise and exact as possible in defining all of the search words.

Operators: You can further refine your query by using Google Search Operators.   For example, in order to find and exact phrase, e.g. “To be or not to be”, put the full phrase in quotations. An * can be used anywhere in the phrase as a placeholder for any word. So if you are not sure of the exact word in a phrase just use an * in its place. Continue reading