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How To Make Instant Miso Soup

My instant miso soup is full of live enzymes, and as simple as boiling water. You can get very tasty packaged miso soup but they are much more expensive and I suspect that their enzymes have been killed during the processing.

Miso is fermented soy with rice, therefore it is complete protein. The fermentation makes it very digestible. The enzymes makes it really healthy, it is the Asian equivalent of mom’s chicken soup. There are 3 kinds of misos, the light, the medium and the dark. I recommend the medium, you can try the light version for a sweeter taste. I like Eden’s organic miso. Continue reading

How To Detox The Liver Using Green Mung Bean Soup

Sometimes the liver becomes overloaded with toxins which may be associated with various types of health problems such as gout, arthritis, pains in the joints, diseases, etc. It is a good idea to eat healthy meals that he help in detoxing the liver.

This is the fifth recipe in this series.  The goal is to write: easy, flexible (mostly) vegan and gluten free recipes for anyone, especially the ‘I am not a cook’ crowd.

“You are what you eat.”, I believe we can all prepare our own food as easy as 1, 2, 3.  This helps us regain the power to choose, the vitality of good nutrition, the creative fun of activities that nourish body and soul.   These recipes are here to eliminate any barrier to enter the dynamic world of having a vital and healthy relationship with what we consume.  Enjoy cooking without (too much) cooking…a la Bruce Lee.

A friend of mine went to a Chinese doctor with a knee problem.  The doctor prescribed mung bean soup.  According to the doctor, my friend’s  knee problem was due to too much uric acid build up in his blood. In Asia mung beans are powerful cleansers. Continue reading